Purplene – S/T (2004)

Part one in a series documenting exceptional Australian Independent releases of the past 15 years

From their site: Purplene were an indie rock band whose life began in the industrial NSW city of Newcastle in 1996, culminating in the release the 2004 Purplene LP, then disbanding in the spring of 2005 as one of Sydney’s most respected rock groups.

Recorded in Chicago in 2003 with Steve Albini, Purplene earned high critical praise both locally and internationally.

‘The Australian’ newspaper said of the LP, “Just when I thought Australian guitar music seemed poised to choke on its own cliche-ridden tail, Purplene release their second album,” awarding it 4.5 stars out of 5. Belgian magazine ‘Derives’ made it their feature release, and ‘Rolling Stone’ called the album, “The work of a band that’s in love with the art of crafting the perfect song…truly impressive.”

To me, this stands as one of the finest records ever produced by an Australian band, and the only critique I can offer is that at eight tracks it may seem a tad too brief. Not something you can fault a band for. Albini did an amazing job of capturing a great group of musicians at their best. Three quarters of the members are now in Charge Group.

  • Bit Rate: 320k

(AN EDIT, 22nd of September 09 – seems like something on a Radiohead board is linking to this post. Just wanted to say that we’re stoked that you’re all coming to check out this phenomenal album, and that as always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Carry on, all.)

Please click here to sample the album

Here is the band’s page, where you can purchase their releases.


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