Basket Of Figs – Oh Eye, Oh Night (2009)

EDITED – Thanks to the kind reader who informed me of my mislinking for this album. Resolved – the link is functional. – N.

This girl is from Ontario, Canada, and she has deleted her myspace. Her download-portal-cum-label have zero information on her. I found this by accident and it’s really, really important that you hear it. This is what the internet exists for – helping to expose new artists, and to encourage them to continue producing works, in the vague hope that someone like this might spend a happy lifetime making incredible recordings. One absolutely stunning voice and the barest of guitar parts. Three originals and a Tom Waits cover. I’ve just come home from a long walk listening to this, and if anyone has any information on this lady, then by christ please help me get in touch or something.

Please click here to sample the EP.

Here is the label’s page, where you can purchase downloads.


4 responses to “Basket Of Figs – Oh Eye, Oh Night (2009)


    • dothebrokenrecords

      Thank you! I shouldn’t post after 2 am, no matter how enthused I am, as this is what takes place. I’ve fixed it.

      – N

  2. almostkilledme

    I like your blog, bookmarked, and I’ll be checking back. Post more!

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