Perfume Genius – Demo (2008)


I feel that beauty of this magnitude really needs to be shared.

These are all the demos available from the mysterious Perfume Genius, off his myspace and zipped up for y’all. Not all that much is known about this guy.  His name is Mike. He lives in Seattle. He sells furniture. He’s 26. He is making his debut album this year. He makes some of the most heart breaking, beautiful, shiver-inducing music I have ever heard. 

  • Personal rating: Ten ten ten ten ten.
  • Best Track: Gay Angels
  • Points of reference: A lo-fi (and better) Chris Garneau with expansive breathing room. Y’know, that whole piano-driven, perfect falsetto, homosexual fragility thing. 

Sample the demos

Here’s his myspace

Update: A new song, When, has just been posted by Mike on Youtube.


7 responses to “Perfume Genius – Demo (2008)

  1. i sort of know this guy.wierd. well he is friends with chris…so. i agree his songs are amazingly beautiful.
    but ”homosexual fragility thing”??? and Los Campesinos! ???? wtf?? is that supposed to be good? when did they become an actual band?

    but yeah, perfume genius is pretty special. better than chris garneau anyway.

  2. link removed. bastards.

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  4. Wowww, thank you for this! This is the kind of stuff that I’d be willing to pay for, for sure… Any idea when anything is coming out properly?

    PS Los Campesinos are amazinggg

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