Kazuki Tomokawa – Blue Water Red Water (2008)


The commonly given nickname “the screaming philosopher” seems almost embarrassingly trite in describing the 30+ year career of one of Japan’s most iconoclastic folk icons. Legends speak of him breaking every single acoustic guitar string in one song. He has appeared in Miike films both as scorer and actor. Regardless of your Japanese-speaking prowess (mine is nil), the power and emotion in these songs is self-evident. I have included below one of many incredible youtube clips of this amazingly unique performer at work, and it comes just as highly recommended as this crucial album of last year, so long as you are up for the barrage.

Please click here to sample the album.

Here is the site for his US representation, where you can purchase his releases (try the 10 album box set!!).

Here are English translations of the lyrics.

Tomokawa-san performing Pistol in 2004.


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