Update: Basket Of Figs

So, my previous link to this wonderful EP has been our most viewed entry, and would be most sampled item if it wasn’t for Stuart Murdoch… So, clearly, people are listening. I’ve managed to get in contact with the creator of these songs too. If you find yourself seeking more, her Myspace is back up, and contains three other, equally exceptional songs.

You really should listen.


4 responses to “Update: Basket Of Figs

  1. I still love one of their first eps, called The Very Strange Year. Great band.

    • dothebrokenrecords

      Did you mean to post this under Art Of Fighting? I’m supposing you did. That EP is fantastic, as is the Empty Nights EP from the same period. Thanks for the comment! – N


  3. i don’t get the smiths pun btw….but nice place.

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