Glifted – Under And In (2002)


I’ve heard more than a few people refer to this record, in one way or another, as the most groundbreaking work in the loose Shoegaze genre since MBV’s Loveless in 1991. Big call it may be, but not without some merit, as this studio duo of Tim Lash (formerly of criminally underlooked 90’s act Hum) and T.J. Harrison (ex-Lovecup) were SO far ahead of their time with this one. It is all at once stunningly pretty and crushingly heavy, using a loop-oriented compositional style not dissimilar to Battles in execution, keeping in mind that this was 7 years before Mirrored saw the light of day. Delay-heavy synth riffs sit alongside pitchshifted stabs of guitar, with gorgeous harmonies piled atop it all, unnaturally dense bass pummeling through all the while. Elements and parts repeat themselves but never seeming overdone. I’d forgotten about this album til recently, and I feel really remiss for this, as it genuinely reveals something new at each listen.

Please click here to sample the album.

Here is the band’s label page, where you can purchase their releases.

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