New Order – Western Works demos (7 sept, 1980)

Mythical bootlegs of New Order’s first ever demos, recorded at the Western Works studio owned by Cabaret Voltaire a few scant months after Ian Curtis’ death, have been in circulation since the 80’s – in very low quality form. It’s another matter entirely when someone rescues the original 1/4 inch tape reel recordings from eBay and digitizes it. Yes this is release-ready quality. As far as I can tell, we’re the first blog to post this in MP3 format, with the credit for both unearthing this artifact and uploading the FLAC going to this wonderful blog. I don’t really care how long it’s been since your Joy Division/New Order phase. This is something worth hearing.

Two versions of Peter Hook’s lead vocals expedition, Dreams Never End, both markedly different from the album version? Check. First version of an unreleased track (Homage) with audible/decipherable vocals? Check. Ceremony, the “last Joy Division song” and eventual first New Order Single, with the drummer singing? Check. Alternate take on Truth? Check. And, wait for it, a previously unheard jam session track with Rob Gretton (their manager!) on vocals and Cabaret Voltaire members contributing also? Yeah, that too. Go nuts guys, this is quite the piece of history, and it’s quite listenable also.

Please click here to sample the demos.


2 responses to “New Order – Western Works demos (7 sept, 1980)

  1. this blog reminds me of hipsterrunoff without irony?

  2. This is the stuff of my 1980s days searching for secret embedded messages on NEW ORDER vinyl in record stores on Haight St. of San Francisco.

    Great rewards that you are posting.

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