Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle (1968)

Three of us four bloggers were amongst a limited crowd who got to see Mr Parks perform at the weekend just gone. It was a completely unbelievable honour. This man has done more to shape contemporary music than I can begin to express. I hardly feel the need or desire to biography-write, but if you’ve worked with the Beach Boys, Frank Black AND Joanna Newsom, there shouldn’t be many people not suitably impressed. But oh, oh, this record. Someone remarked to me that it sounds like Parenthetical Girls – sure, except this is now 41 years old. Download this (in 256k bit rate), and listen to the whole thing – the way it was meant to be played. It is a singularly important AND enjoyable piece of music history, and deserves to be more than the footnote it sadly sits as.

Please click here to sample this album.

(starting tomorrow, i’m going to start posting some more albums I consider to fit within the idea of a “song cycle”, so please check back if this interests you.)

4 responses to “Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle (1968)

  1. i love your blog, it’s brilliant.

  2. dothebrokenrecords

    no, you!

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing.

  4. major thanks for upping this.

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