The Leap Year – With A Little Push, A Pattern Appears (2008)

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. When you claim even a loose association with the underground music subculture, there is a certain thrill and pride that comes with knowing about a brilliant artist or album before anyone else does. I found Jordaan Mason and Basket Of Figs etc, and I still feel a bit chuffed about it, to be frank. It’s thrilling to hunt for new music, if you’re of a certain ilk. I guess that’s the motivation behind all of us starting this blog, too – we found some things and we want you to know about them. We love the thrill of the hunt, and consider ourselves pretty well informed, keeping up to date with all the best new finds.

So how did we all miss this one? Perth band releases 7 track debut album, and the vast majority of indie persons ignore it, thereby missing out on one of the most excellent and catchy things to haveĀ come out in this country – or any other – for a good while. I have been singing these songs to myself for weeks. The two main gentlemen from this band used to be in a brilliant Melbourne outfit called Minor Ache – track their EP down if you feel like grappling with brilliant hooks alongside completely ridiculous math-esque time signatures. This album is a bit straighter, and whilst the band cite influences like Appleseed Cast, Sunny Day Real Estate, Chavez and Mice Parade pretty readily, it strikes me instead as something uniquely Australian and yet completely detached from everything the east coast is producing. Best Australian intelligent guitar record since Purplene. Go go go.

Please click here to sample this album.

3 responses to “The Leap Year – With A Little Push, A Pattern Appears (2008)

  1. better late, than never. thanks.

    • dothebrokenrecords

      More than welcome. Please produce more, I will be eagerly waiting, and it’d be great if Minor Ache came back to life ever.

  2. more coming next year. and yes, ache might do something again one day.

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