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Radical Face – Ghost (2007)


Radical Face is a largely overlooked Electric President side project of Ben Cooper that I would consider the superior of the two bands. Many of the songs build slowly into incredible pieces for a one man bedroom project. For fans of largely orchestral pop with occasional electronic influences.




Freelance Whales – Weathervanes (2009)


If I were quickly scanning a post about a band I had not heard of and making the decision whether or not to check it out I know that several of the following would help to sway me: Arcade Fire, Ravens & Chimes, sweeping orchestral pop, Boy/Girl vocals and a bedroom production vibe that adds to the whole deal.



Jóhann Jóhannsson – Fordlandia (2008)

Contemporary Song Cycles Pt. 3

Did you, as a matter of reference, know that Henry Ford tried to establish an Americanised city in the middle of the jungle in Brazil, in the 1920s? He decided it would be a really good way to get cheap rubber. He forced indigenous workers to live in white picket fence style surrounds and eat hamburgers. They rioted in 1930 and the ruins are still there. Henry Ford never once visited the place, and they also never succeeded in exporting a single iota of rubber back to the USA.

Majestic strings alongside blipping electronics, deep looming bass and old creaky pianos. And a killer backstory to boot. Jóhannsson is surely one of the better composers currently making recordings – not to mention that he’s labelmates with the Pixies and the Shins whilst doing so. If you have an appreciation for the delicate and the grandiose all at once, this is a wonderfully moving record, and a wonderful gateway into his other works too.

Please click here to sample this album. (link now fixed)

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Ashes Grammar (2009)


Download here

Definitely contender for a spot in Best Albums of ’09, A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s sophomore release is a gorgeous, lilting, ghostly echo of great shoegaze bands of years past.