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A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Ashes Grammar (2009)


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Definitely contender for a spot in Best Albums of ’09, A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s sophomore release is a gorgeous, lilting, ghostly echo of great shoegaze bands of years past.


Black Bear – Cinnamon Phase (2006)


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  One of my favourite finds of the past few months, this record has nearly faded into obscurity, which is awful as it’s just so damn good! One man band Sam Beebe’s only record to date is an introspective, bedroom synth-pop  12 track  journey (a song for every month, so he says) that really makes you wonder what the stories behind the songs are. Think a more poetically-lyricised Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. I was inspired to listen to this dude after finding this artwork by graphic artist Melinda Boyce.


Sentridoh – The Mysterious Sentridoh (1993)

 This recording is so super rare I couldnt find a proper image of the cover so heres Lou Barlow

This recording is so super rare I couldn't find a proper image of the cover so here's Lou Barlow

Sentridoh is the lo-fi bedroom folk project of Dinosaur Jr  bassist and Sebadoh chief sad/stoned guy Lou Barlow. This 7″ is one of Barlow’s darkest solo creations and generally revolves around three guitar notes and dramatic vocals. I think there might be pots and pans being hit  and a broken piano in there somewhere. In a way it reminds me of early Xiu Xiu recordings, perhaps due to Barlow’s schizophrenic vocals that jump from deadpan spoken word to shouting to hushed singing in the space of a 90 second song. The song’s themes, generally sex and depression make this quite a bleak EP.  Lyrics include “I dont care if the world is dead” and “Anything is fake if it’s real”. This record seems perfect for those “I hate everything, everything is terrible” days and lo-fi/Lou Barlow lovers everywhere.

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Early Day Miners – All Harm Ends Here (2005)

Wow. Just… Wow. This is like if Built To Spill decided to be excellent and solo less and listen to my entire sad dude record collection (Idaho, Codeine, Spokane, Red House Painters etc). That’s probably a really inept comparison… I can’t believe i’m four years late to hearing this album – and nearly a decade late in finding the band. Another superlative act from the Secretly Canadian roster, and if you’re anything like me, one of the most excellent discoveries you’ll make in this or any other year.

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The Drums – EP (?) (2009)

Snapshot 2009-09-01 18-12-14

We’re actually not quite sure what this is: all traces of it/this band have been erased from private torrent sites and  this release is a bit different to anything that is being promoted by the band or their label. But you don’t really need to know that. What you need to know is if The Smiths accidentally played surf rock in an alternate dimension, we have reason to believe it would sound like this.

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Anti-Pop Consortium – Fluorescent Black (2009)

Someone commented tonight that Yoni Wolf used to be “about 40% Hip-Hop”, but has subsequently done away with this element of his being. If this is true, I found that absent 40%, and here it is. One of the best band reunions in years. Crucial.

(I am meeting the other bloggers in 8 hours for breakfast. I hope you all appreciate my posting this instead of sleeping.)

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Jordaan Mason – Mantra Songs (2007)


As an addendum to a previous post here is Jordaan Mason’s solo record, ‘Mantra Songs’ from 2007. A must for fans of his work with the Horse Museum and brilliantly thought-out music in general. Several of the songs hint at the excellent heights that the Divorce Lawyers records would later reach. Less talk, more listening.